A Little Hope partners with Roberta's House to develop & implement a Citywide School Good Grief Program

As part of our 2015 Inclusion Initiative, A Little Hope has partnered with Roberta's House in Baltimore, Maryland.  With the assistance and expertise of Alesia K Alexander Layne LCSW, CT, two trainings were held this past spring to develop and implement a "Citywide School Good Grief Progam".  The first training occurred in May, with 23 representatives from various public schools, the staff of Roberta's House and a core group of volunteers on developing a sustainable peer leadership/ambassador program in 10 schools.  The second cycle of trainings were held for two days in June to train actual teen peer leaders/ambassadors from each of these identified schools.  Fourteen (14) youth ranging from ages of 13 through 17, gathered to continue working through their grief journey and to begin to learn how to fulfill their roles as peer leaders/ambassadors.  The ancticipated impact of their grief work within the different school settings, can possibly reach over 100 youth.